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Maritime Single Window Reportal

Telephone: +46 771-40 00 50

E-mail: support@mswreportal.se

Port of Gothenburg

E-mail:  vesselcallsupport@portgot.se

Download application form for access  to the system here.

With the aim of improving operations, you can now use our nonconformity management system TRIA to pass on your views about our work as well as complaints and suggestions for improvements.

If any of the following incidents occur within the port area, a report must be submitted to the Port of Gothenburg. This is in addition to any statutory reporting requirements.

   •    A collision between two ships or between a ship and land
   •    A ship cannot be manoeuvred, a ship has broken away from its mooring or a ship has suffered an          electrical blackout
   •    Major incidents in conjunction with mooring, towing or anchoring that have caused or could have          caused damage to the port's facilities
   •    A fire or explosion at the quayside or on board ship
   •    An accident/incident on board ship or at a terminal involving hazardous goods
   •    Emission of a combustible, toxic gas or product or any other environmentally hazardous          substance  
   •    Suspicion of unlawful entry, sabotage, bomb threat or other suspected activity that could         constitute a threat to a ship, port facility or human being
   •    Personal injury

E-service Gothenburg Energy Port

Click above to pre-register visits to the  Gothenburg Energy Port. Remember that it is forbidden to take pictures and smoke throughout the Energy Port. In the Energy Port there is a speed limit of 40 km/h.

Download application form for access  to the system here.

ePipe helps to improve safety when pumping oil products. 

A registration certificate showing authorisation must be enclosed with the application. If you have any questions regarding ePipe, please contact Eric Berndtsson on +46 31-368 75 24.To receive authorisation you must work for a company that has movements via the Port of Göteborg on a continuous basis. 

The Oil Harbour Green card is a training register produced together with the customers to ensure that the personnel at the Oil Harbour have received the correct training.

Applications and passes to the Port of Gothenburg

For personal access
A pass is required for access to the Port using car or pedestrian entrances. The forms are only in Swedish, please contact us at +46 31 731 22 68 if you need information in english. 

Onshore power supply

Declare electrical connection of a vessel to onshore power supply at the Stigberg Quay 

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