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Logent Ports & Terminals in Gothenburg is by far the largest export port for vehicles in Sweden. There is also a significant import volume. Apart from loading and unloading, parking and storage are offered as well as PDI services. PDI involves adapting car models to the specifications stipulated in different countries.

Gothenburg has an unbeatable location to serve the whole of Scandinavia and the Baltic Region. The port is ice-free all year round and there is no tide. There are direct routes to other parts of the world, including North America, Middle East and India. The terminal also have weekly routes to Belgium.

Four large shipping lines
The customers are in the first instance oceangoing roro companies. At present, five companies use Logent Gothenburg Car Terminal.

  • Euro Marine Logistics. In the case of EMC, traffic takes the form of imports – almost exclusively from Newcastle
  • Höegh Autoliners, Höegh Autoliners mainly handles exports to the Gulf States and India. 
  • Wallenius Wilhelmsen calls for example USA
  • ACL, calls for example England and USA
  • CLdN, calls Zeebrügge, Belgium every week.

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Adaptation of imported cars
Cars imported into Sweden must sometimes be adapted to Swedish conditions, such as automatic dipped headlights. Logent Ports and Terminals therefore provide PDI – Pre-Delivery Inspection. The service involves adapting the cars to current specifications before they are transported to the dealers by rail or road.

CFS – service to forwarders
An important service at the Car Terminal is CFS, Container Freight Service. This means that the shipping lines are offered preparation and handling of ro-ro units and that all customers linked to the Port of Gothenburg are offered stuffing/stripping of containers and platforms. The flow of goods into and out of the port can take place by sea, road or rail.

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Last changed 01/27/2015

Logent Ports and Terminals Gothenburg

Telephone: +46 8 410 031 61

E-mail: hamn@logent.se

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Logent Ports and Terminals

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