Gothenburg has become a popular destination for cruise travellers. The number of visits by cruise ships has increased substantially over the last decade. In 2014över 100 000 cruise travellers will arrive on 73 vessels. This can be compared to five vessels and 2,400 travellers in 2002. 

Number of cruise calls in Port of Gothenburg, 2000-2014.

Gothenburg offers many advantages as a cruise destination. Visitors tourists appreciate the cosy atmosphere in the city, the large number of cafes and restaurants and the fact that most things are within walking distance. Shopping is also rated highly, as are the parks and the archipelago. In recent years, Gothenburg as a Christmas City has proved to be a popular destination in December and has extended the cruise season.

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The Port of Gothenburg has two terminals for cruise ships; one at the centrally located Free Port and the other at Arendal, beside the Volvo Museum, where the very largest cruise ships can berth.

Cruising tourism has become an increasingly important source of income for the city. In 2014, travellers will spend around SEK 80 million in Gothenburg.

The rise in the number of visits by cruise ships is largely a result of focused collaboration between the Port of Gothenburg and the city's marketing and event company Gothenburg & Co. Gothenburg is also part of Cruise Baltic, a network of 27 destinations in 10 countries.

Cruise survey
A survey has been conducted to find out what the cruise travellers feel about Gothenburg. Read about it here.

Environmental work 
The Port of Gothenburg is working in several ways to reduce the environmental impact of cruise traffic. The following are some examples:

  • All cruise quays are equipped with reception facilities for black and grey water, i.e. wastewater and shower water. In addition, all quays at the Port of Gothenburg can receive black and grey water. We do not charge for this, in contrast to many other ports in the world, and instead it is included in the port charge.
  • Vessels can leave sorted waste at the Port of Gothenburg.
  • All cruise ship berths are prepared for shoreside power supply and if a cruise line shows an interest in shoreside power supply and makes the necessary on-board investment, the Port of Gothenburg can offer connection within 12 months. Read more about shoreside power supply to the right.
  • The Port of Gothenburg applies an environmentally differentiated port charge, which means lower charges for vessels that use cleaner fuel.
  • The Port of Gothenburg is running a campaign to encourage shipping lines to switch to cleaner fuel while in the port area. Vessels that have a maximum of 0.1 per cent sulphur in the fuel while in the port area can apply for financial compensation. Shipping lines can receive up to SEK 250,000 per vessel. Another part of the campaign is that vessels classified as "green" according to the Clean Shipping Index, receive a discount on the port charge. Read more about the programmes to the right.

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