APM Terminals Gothenburg

APM Terminals Gothenburg at the Port of Gothenburg is the largest container terminal in the Nordic region and a hub for Swedish foreign trade.  Over 50% of all containers to and from Sweden pass through the terminal. There is an equal split between exports and imports, which by international standards is unusual.  

Range of roads and capacity
APM Terminal Gothenburg has an extensive range of routes. Around 15 shipping lines use the terminal, with over 20 visits per week. There is also direct routes served by oceangoing vessels to and from Asia and North America. Direct links offer significant advantages for Swedish import and export companies that have products delivered to and from far-away destinations without transhipment. APM Terminals Gothenburg at the Port of Gothenburg is the only terminal in Sweden that has the capacity to receive and handle these colossal oceangoing vessels.


Shipping lines and routes

  • Atlantic Container Line - Ports of call include Halifax (Canada), Baltimore (USA) and New York (USA)
  • CMA CGM - Ports of call include Hamburg (Germany), Århus (Denmark) and Rotterdam (Netherlands) 
  • Hapag Lloyd - Ports of call include Hamburg and Bremerhaven
  • Hyundai Merchant Marine - Ports of call include St Petersburg (Russia) and Århus (Denmark)
  • Green Feeder - Ports of call include Hamburg (Germany) and Fredericia (Denmark)
  • K-Line - Ports of call include Lisbon and Leixoes (Portugal) and Felixstowe (England)
  • Maersk Line - Ports of call include Hong Kong, Shanghai, Yantian (China) and Kwanyang (South Korea)
  • Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) - Ports of call include Rotterdam (Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) - Ports of call include Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Mumbai (India)
  • Seago Line -  Ports of call include Casablanca and Agadir (Morocco)
  • Team Lines - Ports of call include Bilbao (Spain) and Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Unifeeder - Ports of call include Hamburg (Germany), Rauma (Finland) and Zeebrugge (Belgium)
  • X-Press Container Line - Ports of call include Rotterdam (Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium) and Bilbao (Spain)

Extensive system of rail shuttles
The extensive system of rail shuttles is being constantly developed. At present, there are around 25 shuttles operating to and from large areas of Sweden and into Norway. The daily rail shuttles mean that large volumes of goods can be transported efficiently to and from the port.

The system, Railport Scandinavia, has been developed by the Port of Gothenburg and means that close collaboration can be maintained with what are termed 'dry harbours' At these inland harbours, which are located throughout Sweden, customers can drop off and collect their containers locally.

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Telephone: +46 10 122 20 00

E-mail: info.got@apmterminals.com  

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APM Terminals Gothenburg

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Technical facts about APM Terminals Gothenburg

14 metres water depth, 10 berths, 3 Super Post Panamax cranes and 2 rail cranes.

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Did you know...

... if you take all of the containers on the largest container vessels and load them on a train, the train would become 100 kilometers? 

RAILPORT Scandinavia

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