World's largest ships now even bigger and bound for the Port of Gothenburg

The giants of the ocean are continuing to grow. Mediterranean Shipping Company is currently launching ships capable of carrying more than 19,000 containers. In December they will begin calling at the Port of Gothenburg. The first to arrive will be the newly christened MSC Maya.

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ACL launches five new ships

ACL is about to launch five new ships in the combined container/cars/ro-ro class. The first of the five new vessels, Atlantic Star, will call at the Port of Gothenburg in the lead-up to Christmas, around December 20. The ships are the world's largest in their class.

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"I'm worried that someone could be seriously injured"

Since May this year, over 60 unauthorised persons have entered restricted areas at the Port of Gothenburg, often putting their lives at risk. By climbing over a fence or hanging under a trailer, they attempt to make their way on board one of the cargo ships bound for abroad. Thomas Fransson, Head of Securi...

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Port of Gothenburg freezes port charges


The Gothenburg Port Authority has decided to leave the Port Tariff unchanged. As a result, the Port Tariff for 2016 will remain at the 2015 level. Magnus Kårestedt, Port of Gothenburg chief executive, said: "Our aim behind this move is to reinforce the growth of industry, shipping and the port."

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New vessel call notification routines at the Port of Gothenburg come into effect on October 1

New vessel call notification routines at the Port of Gothenburg are due to come into effect on October 1. The VTMS system will be replaced, which will result in a number of changes for our customers. The aim behind the change of system is to simplify routines for both public agencies and industry.

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2015 a climate neutral year for the Gothenburg Port Authority

This year the Port of Gothenburg will for the first time be a climate neutral company. By investing in solar panels, biogas, district heating and other environmental initiatives, emissions have been reduced to a minimum. The remainder will be offset by purchasing Chinese wind power.

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Great start for the Port of Gothenburg’s environmental discounts

January 1 this year saw the introduction of environmental discounts in the Port of Gothenburg, the aim being to incentivise vessels with high environmental performance. Edvard Molitor, Senior Manager Environment at the Port of Gothenburg Authority, reveals that the concept has got off to a great start.

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Rail volumes continue to rise at the Port of Gothenburg

The proportion of freight transported by rail to and from the Port of Gothenburg is at its highest ever. Rail continued to increase its market share during the first half of 2015 at the expense of road transport.

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New truck entrance under construction

Construction of a new truck entrance at the Port of Gothenburg is currently under way. Commencing in May 2016, ID control for all the port terminals will be gathered at just one port entrance, which will be equipped with the very latest technology.

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