Railport Scandinavia

Railport Scandinavia is the name given to the rail shuttles operating to and from the Port of Gothenburg. It is an extensive system involving a large number of freight terminals in Sweden and Norway. These rail shuttles allow large volumes of goods to reach the port's customers quickly and efficiently. The rail shuttles also result in reduced environmental impact. Some 61,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide were saved during 2012 by moving the goods to and from the Port of Gothenburg by rail instead of by road. This is equivalent to over 200,000 flights between Gothenburg and Stockholm or the emissions generated by 23,000 passenger cars in one year.


At present, there are some 25 daily rail shuttles between the Port of Gothenburg and towns and cities throughout Sweden and Norway. The development of the rail shuttles is a very focused initiative taken by the Port of Gothenburg and got underway properly in 2002. Since then, the volume of goods has almost trebled and the number of containers is now heading towards the 400,000 mark. This is around half of all the containers that are transported to and from the port each year. At present, it is mainly containers that are carried on the trains, although work is in progress to increase the number of trailers moved by rail.

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RAILPORT Scandinavia

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Stig-Göran Thorén is responsible for the development of the rail shuttles to and from the port.

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