Updated 2015-10-07
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How to use liner services map: Click "full screen" if you want a bigger map. It is also possible to work with the map in original size. You can choose to only see one type of traffic, such as container, ro-ro or car. Just remove the crosses in the other blue boxes, so only the boxes you are interested in is checked. Sometimes you have to wait a while on the map to show what you have chosen, there is much information to be uploaded. It is also possible to zoom the map on a particular continent, country or city. Use the slider to the left to do so. Once you find the destination you are looking for, click on the icon with the mouse pointers index finger to get information on frequency, shipping company and agent. For several destinations there traffic for both container-, roro- and vehicles. To switch between these, click on the top of the box that comes up at the destination.

Liner Services

The Port of Gothenburg has a very extensive liner service to key import and export markets throughout the world. Apart from regular traffic to and from countries in Europe, there are several direct lines to other parts of the world. This means that goods that are imported or exported from or to the USA, China, India, Australia or the Middle East do not need to be t...

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Railport Scandinavia

RAILPORT Scandinavia is the name given to the rail shuttles operating to and from the Port of Gothenburg. It is an extensive system involving a large number of freight terminals in Sweden and Norway. These rail shuttles allow large volumes of goods to reach the port's customers quickly and efficiently.

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