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Sustainable port

The Port of Gothenburg is working actively and in the long term to minimise the environmental impact of shipping and to contribute to sustainable transport. Climate and emission issues are at the top of our agenda and we have implemented a whole series of measures that have contributed to a better environment. By 2015, the Gothenburg Port Authority will be a carbon-neutral company.

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Society is facing a number of significant global challenges, the ultimate aim being to reduce climate-impacting emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change. Since 2010, the Port of Gothenburg has worked in accordance with a climate programme together with the port terminals.

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Onshore power supply for vessels

In 2000, the Port of Gothenburg was the first in the world to offer onshore power supply with high-voltage. At present, one in three ships visiting the port can make use of OPS, which is a very high proportion. Today the Port is involved in a number of global collaborative ventures aimed at spreading this technology to other ports throughout the world.

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Port of Gothenburg focuses on the marine fuel of the future

The Port of Gothenburg's ambition is to be at the very forefront in alternative fuels. One such fuel is liquefied natural gas, LNG. With the largest public energy port in the Nordic region, we are in an excellent position to achieve our ambitions. Offering liquefied natural gas to the shipping industry is one of the top priorities at the port.

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Trains save on carbon emissions

For several years, the Port of Gothenburg has invested in rail shuttles, which link the Port with inland terminals at towns and cities throughout Sweden and Norway. The concept is known as Railport Scandinavia and means that road transport can be replaced by rail transport.

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