Strategic location

The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in Scandinavia. The geographical location is excellent for reaching the whole of the Baltic Region, all parts of Scandinavia as well as the North Sea/Atlantic.

Some 70 per cent of industry and the population in the Nordic Region can be found within a distance of 500 km. The area includes the capital cities of Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

The Port of Gothenburg's main catchment area is made up of ten countries: Sweden, Russia, Finland, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Lithuania, Iceland, Latvia and Estonia. Growth in the region is extremely positive. Since the turn of the millennium, the turnover at the ports has increased from 3,8 million TEU to 10.2 million TEU (2012).

Between 10 and 15 per cent of freight that passes through the port comes from a country outside Europe and is destined for a Nordic country other than Sweden.

Rail shuttles offer a stronger supply chain
From the Port of Gothenburg, around 25 rail shuttles leave each day, bound for or arriving from inland terminals in Sweden and Norway. This means direct links for different cities to the largest port in the Nordic Region. Instead of companies transporting goods by road to the port, they drive to the nearest inland terminal, where the goods are then transferred to rail for the onward journey to Gothenburg. Each day, more than 70 trains leave or arrive at the Port of Gothenburg, linking up to the largest cities in Sweden and Norway. This means that half of all goods to and from Gothenburg are transported by rail.

During 2013, around 60,000 tonnes of carbon emissions were saved by the goods being transported to and from the Port of Gothenburg by rail instead of by road. This is equivalent to emissions from 17,000 cars in one year.

Good climate and close to the open sea
The Port of Gothenburg is free of ice all year and no account needs to be taken of the tide. The approach from open sea to the quayside takes just 90 minutes.


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