Port Tariff

The Port of Gothenburg Port Tariff contains information about the charges levied on ships as well as other charges and rebates. The Port Tariff applies to all ships that call at the Port of Gothenburg.

The right-hand margin contains details of charges levied by other organisations on ships that call at the Port of Gothenburg, including pilotage, towage and linesman charges and charges imposed by the Swedish Maritime Administration. Links are provided to the tariffs applied by other organisations.

The complete Port Tariff can be found in the right-hand margin. 

Offer to shipping companies investing in the environment – rebates on port charges 2013-2014
The Port of Gothenburg applies an environmentally differentiated Port Tariff, which means that ships that report good environmental performance receive a rebate. 

During 2014, a campaign will be run where ships that use clean marine fuel can receive compensation for higher fuel costs. Read more here. 

Environmental differentiation 2015

On January 1, 2015, the conditions in our region for fuels containing sulphur will change. We will continue to work actively to minimise the climate impact of shipping and contribute to sustainable transport. As an incentive for shipping companies that readjust their fuel systems to reduce their effect on the environment, we will launch a new environmental offer in 2015.

The offer means that we will recompense ships that report good environmental performance according to the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) and the Clean Shipping Index (CSI). The overall aim is to create conditions for a strong, efficient and sustainable freight hub. We are in the process of creating a framework for the offer. Further information about payment levels will be published during the first half of 2014.

If you have any questions regarding the offer to shipping companies that are investing in the environment, contact us via miljo@portgot.se

Last changed 03/20/2014