Port Tariff

The Port of Gothenburg Port Tariff contains information about the charges levied on ships as well as other charges and rebates. The Port Tariff applies to all ships that call at the Port of Gothenburg.

The right-hand margin contains details of charges levied by other organisations on ships that call at the Port of Gothenburg, including pilotage, towage and linesman charges and charges imposed by the Swedish Maritime Administration. Links are provided to the tariffs applied by other organisations.

The complete Port Tariff can be found in the right-hand margin. 

Environmental discount from January 1st 2015
With effect from 2015, we will use two different environmental indexes as a basis for the reward system – Environmental Ship Index (ESI) and Clean Shipping Index (CSI). In our new Port Tariff for 2015, ships that are classified according to ESI and which have 30 points or more will receive a 10 per cent discount (based on GT). Ships that achieve green standard according to CSI will receive a 10 per cent discount (based on GT).

In addition, there will be a discount for ships that switch to LNG. They will receive a 20 per cent discount on the Port Tariff through to December 2018. The Port of Gothenburg has for a long time believed and invested in LNG as the marine fuel of the future, a focus that has now received increased support from the EU. With this clear financial incentive in the Port Tariff, we are seeking to step up the rate of development in our region.

Notification of registration and of compliance with approved standards should be submitted to the Port Control, the Port Authority, in conjunction with the notification of the vessel’s first call subsequent to having obtained a certificate.

If you have any questions regarding the offer to shipping companies that are investing in the environment, contact us via miljo@portgot.se

Last changed 01/08/2016

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Other dues in the Port of Gothenburg

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