The importance of a large Swedish port

Three questions for Magnus Kårestedt, CEO, Gothenburg Port Authority 

What does it mean for the Gothenburg region and Sweden to have access to a major international port?
"It is important for the whole country. The existence of a major port is the one requirement that is cited consistently by all sectors of Swedish trade and industry. It involves a wide range of routes that lead directly to key destinations on all continents, high-frequency sea and land transport, a large number of players to create a competitive market, and a high proportion of direct shipping.

A major port also generates a large number of job opportunities, partly through what are pure logistics operations and partly through the establishment of companies within the port's catchment area.

Development in the transport sector results in major players becoming even bigger and the increasing significance of a strong freight hub. How is the Port of Gothenburg working strategically to deal with this reality?
"We have a very clear growth agenda. To meet the challenges, we ensure, for example, that we build the correct infrastructure at the correct rate and that we produce interesting logistics solutions with other players. Something that springs to mind immediately is the Railport concept, the system of rail shuttles and inland terminals. We need to find smart solutions, to be a sustainable port.

"We market the port nationally and internationally to generate more traffic. We are also conscious of our total offering by keeping the port cluster together and promoting efficiency by choosing the right operators for our terminals. And of course there is also the environmental aspect. We invest in environmental solutions that allow the port to grow."

How will the Port of Gothenburg become the most efficient port in Europe?
"If we are to be truly efficient, good collaboration is vital. Our terminal operators are world leaders in their fields. Alongside this, we must establish the best possible collaboration with the Swedish Maritime Administration and the Swedish Transport Administration to ensure that the approach and berthing take place safely and efficiently. A vital task for the Port of Gothenburg is to ensure the elimination of all bottlenecks, whatever form they may take. 



Last changed 03/10/2015

Did you know...

... The Port of Gothenburg is Sweden's by far largest port with 11 000 vessel calls every year?

... that the rail tracks at the Port of Gothenburg are the most heavily used tracks in Sweden and that the port is one of the largest railway stations in the country?

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