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Logistics land

It is important at a major port such as the Port of Gothenburg that plans are in place for future expansion and development. Below is a presentation of the plans for the future in a number of different areas: infrastructure investment in the form of fairways, roads and railways, as well as expansion of the port areas and logistics areas.

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Investments in road and railway

The Port of Gothenburg is the port of Scandinavia. Investments in infrastructure in the port area will benefit the commercial and economic life of the whole region. Here you can read about some of the infrastructure investments in the coming years - railway, road 155 and a new viaduct to the harbour.

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Extensive infrastructural investments

In effect, all areas and quays in a major port are in use 24 hours a day, all year round, resulting in substantial wear and tear. Consequently, the infrastructure department at the Port of Gothenburg is constantly involved in a variety of projects. Read more here.

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