Gothenburg Port Authority

The Port of Gothenburg has a structure similar to the majority of major ports throughout the world. The most common arrangement is that a publicly owned Port Authority owns the land and the infrastructure but allows international port operators, which are experts in running terminals, to deal with the handling of freight.

A structure such as this offers numerous advantages. With specialised terminal operators the potential for more efficient freight handling is improved. Gothenburg Port Authority also acquires a clearer focus on the overall, long-term development of the port.

Business concept
The assignment has resulted in a new business concept, which involves creating conditions for a strong, efficient, sustainable freight hub. Within the framework of this business concept, the Gothenburg Port Authority will:

Provide an infrastructure and an energy port, be responsible for safety, berthing and co-ordination, and promote the national and international marketing of the whole port.

Vision: The Port of Gothenburg will be the obvious freight hub for sea transport in Scandinavia.

Business concept: The Gothenburg Port Authority will create conditions for a strong, efficient,  sustainable Scandinavian freight hub.

Four core values 
The port has a 400-year history and a long-term perspective that is equally long. Continued success is based on four core values.

• Reliability
A history going back over many years and solid knowledge of the industry act as the springboard for our work. It makes our services smooth and safe – and it makes us a reliable partner. We deliver on our promises.

• Co-operation
Logistics is not something for individuals working alone. We co-operate to create value for the customer. This means building networks and developing partnerships. By locking arms with our customers and partners we generate energy within ourselves and in others.

• Innovation
We are open to new ideas and we are not afraid to confront tradition. To create new and better things we need to turn ingrained patterns upside down. Find new paths. Have the courage to step into the unknown. Have the courage to succeed.

• Sustainability
The port has been around for 400 years, and will still be here in another 400 years. This establishes a sustainable perspective – and brings with it immense responsibility. We are responsible for future generations.

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Last changed 03/20/2014

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