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Gothenburg Port Authority

The Port of Gothenburg is divided into a publicly owned Port Authority which owns the land and the infrastructure in the port and serveral international terminal operators.

Read more about the business concept, core values, task and owner directive at the Port of Gothenburg.

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Port of Gothenburg in short

The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in Scandinavia. Almost 30 per cent of Swedish foreign trade passes through the port. The Port of Gothenburg can offer a very wide range of routes, with traffic to over 130 destinations throughout the world. There are, for example, direct routes to the USA, India, Middle East and Asia.

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Ports of the World in Figures

Here you will find volume statistics from the Port of Gothenburg and other Swedish ports. You will also find statistics from the largest ports in Europe and throughout the world.

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Strategic location

The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in Scandinavia. The geographical location is excellent for reaching the whole of the Baltic Region, all parts of Scandinavia as well as the North Sea/Atlantic. Some 70 per cent of industry and the population in the Nordic Region can be found within a distance of 500 km. The area includes the capital cities of Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

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Port Tariff

The Port of Gothenburg Port Tariff contains information about the charges levied on ships as well as other charges and rebates. The Port Tariff applies to all ships that call at the Port of Gothenburg.

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The port is growing

The Port of Gothenburg is expanding like never before. New port terminals, logistics areas, roads and railways are gradually making the transition from drawing board to reality. Here is more information about the port's expansion plans and what they will mean for industry and the people who work at the port.

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Harbour Masters Office / Maritime

All vessels arriving must report to our traffic management centre Port Control. Vessel notification takes place using our notification system, Vessel Traffic Management System.

Here you will also find contact details for Port Control and the Harbour Master's Office, information about quays, water depht, towing and much more.

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Navigate in the port

Click on the icons in the map to take a closer look at a terminal or an area.

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Port Security

Security is one of the most important issues at the Port of Gothenburg. Not only in the form of a good working environment but also with regard to preparedness to deal with external influences and threats.

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Weather forecast for the Port of Gothenburg

Click here to get a weather forecast for the Port of Gothenburg area.

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The port's history in pictures

Curious about how the largest port in Scandinavia looked at the turn of the century? Or how it looked when Skandiahamnen was built in the sixties? This is Port of Gothenburg's historical archives. The majority of the pictures are from the 1950s and onward

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A Sustainable Port

Our objective is to achieve sustainable growth. Sustainability includes economic, environmental and social responsibility. The aim at all times is to strike a balance between these three dimensions and the ambition to be proactive and transparent in our sustainability work.

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Our social responsibility

We seek to make a difference by being part of the solution to the challenges facing society, both locally and globally.

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Our environmental responsibility

The Port of Gothenburg is working actively and in the long term to minimise the environmental impact of shipping and to contribute to sustainable transport. Climate and emission issues are at the top of our agenda and we have implemented a whole series of measures that have contributed to a better environment.

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